FoodSafe News – May

Memorial Day is A Food Safety Reminder

Summer time is approaching and it also marks the Memorial Day Weekend. People, especially Oklahomans, will likely be planning out their summer getaways since the weather will start to get warmer. One of their plans will be firing up their grill, cookouts and picnics among other outdoors activities.

This can be so exciting thinking about what delicious meals to prepare, however, this won’t be a fun-filled day if the food is not prepared properly which can lead to potential foodborne diseases.

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New Survey Finds that Parents Aren’t Buying the Safest Options

As a parent, you usually want to provide the best of everything for your children, especially when it comes to the food they’re eating. Where you can, you make conscious efforts to purchase high quality products or opting for the products with non-chemical ingredients. However, with all these good intentions, a new survey shows that parents today are doing the opposite. Though it may sound surprising, but the reasons below are understandable.

Statistics show that 60% of the 1,000 Americans surveyed are “concerned about the products they put in, on and around their bodies,” according to the study conducted by NSF International. However, 34 % of the 1,000 Americans said they “rarely or never research product claims,” according to the press release.

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Helping Kids Learn about Food Safety in the Kitchen

Our parents and guardians were always our first chefs from the day that we were born. When we were young we never thought about the food safety of the foods we were served or ate because kids played outside until the meal was served at the table but some kids love to watch their parents preparing their meal in the kitchen and even love to help them. And as for parents, it is always a fun, exciting and educational experience when cooking with their kids.

With this, RS Components were inspired to create a guide to help parents teach food safety awareness to children, even at a young age. They provided some tips and advice on how to teach those young minds about food safety in a fun and exciting way.

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Guide to Safely Handle Food and Avoid Salmonella

If you’re one, who is very fond of eating chicken including chicken nuggets, you best read this article. Recently, the ‘Public Health Agency of Canada’ announced a national salmonella outbreak, linked to frozen raw breaded chicken products and frozen chicken. However, this is not the first time; since 2017, there were several national outbreaks of salmonella infections.

So, how do we avoid this infection? If all people had at least basic knowledge of safe handling, chilling, cooking and cleaning/sanitation procedures in their home, we could certainly prevent a significant amount of diseases caused by foodborne pathogens.

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