Save Time and Money in your Kitchens with Unfakeable Temperatures, Recording of Cleaning Tasks, and Seamlessly Increased Compliance


Get your kitchen Audit ready with the FoodSafe App.

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Reduce Risk
  • Reduce Stress
  • No Falsified Records
  • Get 5 Star Ratings
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Track activity of kitchens and staff members, know where they are and what task they’re working on.


Using our Bluetooth probe and FoodSafe app you can complete and track food temperature checks through-out the day.


Keep an eye on your business with live updates as kitchens and staff move through there day and receive notifications for any non-conformances.


The FoodSafe app provides comprehensive reports based on the history of every activity recorded. Managers can access all the information with our easy to use report area.


Get work done fast, accurately and efficiently without going through the hassle of recording everything manually.


Be able to issue tasks on-the-go to streamline communication and empower your staff with the responsibility of signing off their completed tasks as they move through the day.

Eliminate Hazards, Minimise Risk

FoodSafe provides busy food and beverage outlets with real­-time verification that their food and drinks are within safe temperature ranges, using wireless technology. Reduce manual workload and receive instant notifications and alerts on your phone, tablet or computer – anywhere in the world.

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Reasons to Love FoodSafe.

The complete FoodSafe system improves your food safety and assigns your staff daily duties to comply with HACCP regulations, eliminating hazards and minimizing risk.

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    Real-time, accurate temperature monitoring

    Very accurate and real-time temperature monitoring provides wonderful insights and warnings if the temperature is going above or below the standard safety levels.

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    Daily duty assignment and records

    Maintaining records and assigning tasks can be very challenging and time-consuming, FoodSafe here takes care of regular duty assignment and maintaining day-to-day records.

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    Detailed reporting and analytics

    Having idea about where the workers spend their time and if they do their duties on time is essential when it comes to running a smooth business, FoodSafe will take care of it by providing a great deal of reports and analytics.

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    Timestamp automation

    There are incidents when workers just check off their tasks at the end of the day without completing them. With Foodsafe, you can know when the worker has checked off the task and know exactly how long it took the worker to finish the task.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Why should I use FoodSafe when we already have food safety management systems in place that are working?

    There is nothing wrong doing everything manually, however FoodSafe provides an alternative to increase accuracy of records, save time, automate processes, increase visibility of business performance from remote locations and be ready for audit at all times.

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    How can FoodSafe help meet my food safety obligations?

    FoodSafe has been created based on HACCP guidelines for Food safety and Hygeine practices. Our system has been trialled and tested by Food Authorities and has received endorsement from Food Auditors as a way to ensure correct records are completed at the correct time/locations and that these records are maintained. FoodSafe also has the capability to create follow up actions based on any failed tests to record due diligence. With having this accurate monitoring and recording in place, this reduces risk and protects businesses from false food borne illness claims which can have irreparable consequences to a businesses reputation.

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    What is required to implement FoodSafe?

    You will need an apple/android smart device able to install our mobile application and our compatible Bluetooth temperature probe. For the best results, our consultants will advise you of what the best option for your business will be.

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    What is the cost of FoodSafe?

    FoodSafe is priced after an initial consult with our business and systems analyst’s based around the individual needs of the business. This process helps our team understand your businesses needs so we can produce the best result all round from the initial consult right through to your system Go-Live date. Schedule a call today to find out more.

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    How can FoodSafe help me manage my employees?

    FoodSafe functions based around a comprehensive task management system that schedules temperature checks and routine cleaning tasks at set times of the day. As a kitchen moves through their service day, staff members check off tasks when they complete temperature checks, machine and hold temps and cleaning tasks with all actions within these tasks recorded with staff sign off details, timestamp and geolocation details for proof of completion. A Manager can assign tasks or change tasks from remote locations and can track activity of venue’s performance from remote locations with real-time data updates.

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    How will it protect my Restaurant?

    At the time of a claim, FoodSafe can provide strong evidence of the actions and measures you took to ensure food safety due to the task sign off process and timestamp/ geolocation registration against tasks completed.

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